Semi-Permanent Makeup

Wake Up and No Makeup!

There are several treatments available for brows, lips and eyeliner of which our fully-trained expert Helen is a brow specialist. Semi Permanent Makeup by definition is the implanting of coloured pigment within the skin using either a hand held tool or machine and depending on the area, results can last between 1-3 years.  Helen’s particular niche is priding herself on subtle enhancements and always producing the most natural looking results for her clients “wake up and no makeup”.

The Treatment

Treatments include Semi Permanent Makeup eyeliner/lash enhancement liner. A thin, lash enhancing top liner opening up and defining the eye area. Next is microbladed eyebrows.

This is the most natural of all Semi Permanent Makeup with individual, very fine and lifelike hair strokes being added to the brow to fill in gaps, add length, create symmetry and give the illusion of perfectly groomed brows from the moment my clients wake up. Lip blush is essentially a full lip colour created by layers of Semi Permanent Makeup. Lip blush is great for adding symmetry, defining the lip shape, colour corrections and colour boosts.

About Our Semi Permanent Makeup Expert

Helen has had several years of experience in Semi-Permanent Makeup and has trained with industry leaders to be able to offer the highest quality work. Helen is an advanced Microblading artist having completed extensive training with global leaders Phi Academy and is now recognised by them worldwide as one of their accredited artists. Helen also has a Bachelor of Science Degree and continues to attend courses annually to stay relevant, knowledgeable, and be able to offer clients the latest techniques and technology.