What is Aqualyx?

A ground breaking treatment for localised adiposity and a solution for targeted problem areas. Aqualyx dissolves fat deposits simply, safety and effectively with minimal down-time. 

Aqualyx treatment

Why regular exercise and healthy nourishment do not always work…

Despite following a balanced diet and frequent exercise, many struggle with an area of localised, stubborn fat that is troublesome to shift. 

The cause for this lies within the individuals genetics and the special structure of cells in certain areas.

The human body naturally stores fat in order to supply energy in times of restraint. Fat cells located in the subcutaneous fat tissue are difficult to diminish, as only their contents and overall volume can be altered, but not the fat cells themselves. These particular fat cells cannot be reduced and continuously serve as a reliable deposit for the body to store fat.

How does Aqualyx work?

Aqualyx contains desoxycholan-acid, a secondary bile acid and endogenous substance. Its fat-dissolving effect was utilised by Prof. Pasquale Motolese, the inventor of Aqualyx, resulting in a synthetically manufactured variant.

The treatment with Aqualyx is performed in combination with external ultrasound. The liquid substance supports and enhances the fat dissolving effect by the process of cavitational adipocytolysis.

Aqualyx in New Alresford

Which areas of the body can be treated with Aqualyx?

Used for the dissolution of fat deposits, Aqualyx is frequently used to target areas such as the hips, saddle bags, thighs, stomach, knees and neck. However, the treatment can be administered all over the body. 

Aqualyx is also a possible treatment of pseudo-gynecomastia and buffalo humps.

How many treatments are required?

A course of Aqualyx is often suggested, depending on the dimensions of the fat deposit and the individual reactions of the fat tissue. On average, 2 to 4 sessions are typically required, with a 4 week interval between each appointment. The final results will be visible from 3 to 6 weeks after treatment. 

Aqualyx does not result in weight loss. Healthy nutrition and a exercise regimen are an absolute necessity to ensure success of the treatment.