Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal

Saddle House Medi-Spa offers the quickest and most effective pain-free laser for ultimate hair reduction results and maximum patient comfort.

Introducing the Motus AX Alexandrite Laser System for completely pain-free hair reduction without any side effects!

This revolutionary machine is FDA approved and uses innovative Moveo technology to deliver the quickest and most comprehensive laser hair removal solutions. It is suitable for ALL skin types and is even effective in treating fine hair.

How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal is a convenient way to restrict the growth of unwanted hair for weeks or even months. Our painless procedure involves using a laser or intense pulsed light to treat the area in question. Common areas we treat are the face, legs, arms, underarms and bikini line.

The light used in the treatment is selectively absorbed by melanin which is the pigment that gives hair its colour. This disrupts the growth of the unwanted hair without damaging the surrounding skin cells. Many of our clients start to see brilliant results in just a few treatments!

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

The benefits of laser hair removal are broad. Our treatment is relatively speedy; your top lip could be treated in as little as a few minutes and your back could be treated once in about an hour. The treatment is very precise; you don’t need to worry about catching your lip like you would if you used a razor. The treatment is very safe and painless with a few mild side effects, yet can produce long-lasting results that you would be proud to show off.

The best benefit of all – after your course of treatments, you’ll likely be able to stop shaving! Say goodbye to shaving cuts, rashes, razor burn and dry skin. If you’re prone to ingrown hairs from shaving or waxing, laser hair removal can also help to treat them without risking causing more.

Am I Suitable for Laser Hair Removal?

Lasers and pulsed light treatments are at their most effective when used on fair skin with darker hair. Fair hair contains less melanin and can therefore be harder to treat. Grey or white hair contains no melanin at all and therefore can not be treated with laser hair removal techniques.

Our laser hair removal Alresford treatment can also be very useful for women suffering from hirsutism (excessive hair growth). Lasers have come a long way in terms of how they work on a variety of skin and hair types, so why not give us a call today for your laser hair removal Southampton requirements to see if we can help with your unwanted hair?

To take advantage of our complimentary consultation, make a booking, or if you have any queries about laser hair removal near Winchester, get in touch with the experts at Saddle House Medi-Spa today.

Hair Removal Price List

Face Cost per session Cost of 6 treatments
Centre Brow or Earlobes £45 £216
Upper Lip £55 £264
Chin or sides of face £70 £336
Lip and chin or Jawline and chin or neck £95 £456
Jaw, chin and upper lip £110 £528
Full Face £145 £696
Full Face and Front neck £165 £792
Body Cost per session Cost of 6 treatments
Fingers or nipples or naval line or toes £65 £312
Hands or Feet £75 £360
Underarm £85 £408
Bikini Standard or Buttocks £95 £456
Bikini Brazilian or lower arm or abdomen or upper arm or lower back £130 £624
Bikini full £165 £792
Half leg £195 £936
Upper leg including bikini £220 £1056
Full leg £275 £1320
Full leg including bikini £305 £1464
Underarm and bikini standard £140 £672
Underarm and bikini Brazilian £165 £792
Underarm and bikini full £210 £1008
Face Cost per session Cost of 6 treatments
Centre Brow or Earlobes £45 £216
Upper Cheeks £65 £312
Front or Back of Neck £95 £456
Front and Back of Neck £130 £624
Beard £140 £672
Beard and Front Neck £165 £792
Body Cost per session Cost of 6 treatments
Hands or Feet or Toes £75 £360
Underarm £95 £456
Buttocks £110 £528
Lower Arm or Chest or Stomach £140 £672
Whole Arm or Full Back (only) or Shoulders & Upper Arms £205 £984
Chest & Stomach or Lower Leg £220 £1056
Upper Leg or Full Back (including shoulders but not arms) £250 £1200
Full legs £385 £1848

Our Laser Packages ( Bespoke packages available on request )

Back and Shoulders £900 (saving £300)
Bikini Full and Underarms £720 (saving 288)
Full Leg and Standard Bikini £1395 (saving £597)
Upper Lip, Chin and Underarm £650 (saving £214)
Half leg, Brazilian Bikini and Underarm £1400 (saving £568)
Half Leg, Standard Bikini and Underarm £1078 (saving £456)